His first insight into making music came aged of 9 when his parents bought him a drum kit. Mark ‘Wilkinson’ joined a few bands playing at venues as far as the Birmingham NEC and as close as the local old peoples home. This swiftly ended at the age of 14 when Wilkinson discovered his passion for dance music. In his final year at college he tried his hand at making beats, leading him to buy his first bits of production gear and turning his bed- room into a studio. A few years and part time jobs later, after driving his family mad with large amounts of bass loosening the brickwork of his house, Mark secured himself a studio not far from his home - and you know how the rest of the story goes.


Putting the woof into subwoofer since he emerged in 2016, young UK artist Kanine is currently wrapping up his biggest year so far. During 2019 he’d released over 10 original productions on labels ranging from Shogun to Playaz via our very own UKF10 series. He’s collaborated with the likes of Friction, Annix, Turno, Killa P and P Money, he’s explored the widest range of styles he’s ever been known for and has also set up his own Unleashed imprint in order to get even more music out there and articulate an even wider scope of sounds. He’s not done yet, either - he’s hinted at even bigger projects in '21.


Skream’s history is well documented; a love affair with music that was triggered by his older brother, Hijak. DJing since he was 11. Making music at 15 and one of the key innovators at the birth of dubstep. All before he’d left his teens. With his place in UK music history already assured, he could have easily kicked back and taken advantage of his legendary status. Instead he opted to make the transition to disco, house and techno, leaving the dubstep world to do his own thing, in typical Skream style.


Forget 'roo's, crocs, and gum trees - enter "the sting zone" with Australia's new #1 export: PARTIBOI69. An undeniably unique brand of techno, hard house, breaks, and outright stupidity will have you two stepping your way 0-to-69 in 3 seconds flat. After his eclectic video-dj-mixes made waves across the planet by energising the locked down masses, PartiBoi69 has locked in shows at festivals the world over in 2021, and is certainly not one to miss.


Leeds-based electronic duo Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith (aka Prospa) chart a course through classic house and rave-era dance music. Growing up, both Blumler and Smith were more interested in rock music, with the former taking up drums and the latter learning guitar. In their teenage years, they gained an interest in electronic music production: Smith started out by crafting dubstep inspired beats, whilst Blumler was intent on making jazz-infused hip hop. They crossed paths in the early 2010s, joining forces as producers in 2013, originally pursuing deep house before moving into classic rave sounds. They released their breakthrough single "Prayer" in 2018, helping to revive Stress Records. Their debut EP, 2019's self-released Control the Party arrived the following year.


You know the name. Now hear the sound. Stay tuned for more info on exactly what the 1985 crew is going to be bringing to Hidden Lakes 2021.


Tearing her way into the genre with impressive energy and an eclectic style that’s rooted in jump-up but resonates across the board, in less than two years Mollie has gone from local club resident to a key name on major rave line-ups across Europe, playing to crowds of thousands. Last year alone she played over 100 shows, 10 festivals and continues to hold down a weekly Monday residency in her Kent hometown. The future looks even crazier with some of her biggest shows to date lined up worldwide. Having done things the classically trained ground level way – quitting her job and immersing herself in club culture in every possible way as a DJ, a VJ, a street team trooper and an event promoter – she knows her stuff and built it from the ground up.


Aroha is a fully-fledged music industry icon, accentuating her renowned tastemaker stamp and creating moods for music enthusiasts across the seas. From her hometown of Masterton, New Zealand to Melbourne where she now resides, the producer and DJ whose throwdown teases the house, bass and techno realms, certainly gives audiences and industry tastemakers something to talk about. Having met with a phenomenal resume of opportunities throughout her career, AROHA’s passion for music is a stand out in its own affair, both as a solo artist and half of duo Aroha and Tali, with award winning MC Tali. From prime-time hosting on New Zealand’s leading electronic radio station George FM, alternative station 95bFM to online station Music For The People and Juice TV, she has pioneered. Out of radio and TV; AROHA has also opened parties for the likes of Disclosure and been voted as New Zealand’s Best Club DJ. AROHA has certainly got her name carved, paving the way for a highly anticipated next chapter.